Amy Kitchener, whose inspirational guidance directs the affairs of this organization, is a mystery figure. She is called everything from angel, alien and muse (by writers who have had contacts with Amy Kitchener) to America's most-literary ghost (by members of the publishing industry). Amy is the only known Chief Executive Officer of an active corporate body whose body is incorporeal.

This book, dictated by Amy Kitchener to two Los Angeles journalists in 1973-1974, remained their secret for 25 years. If they had released the true story of their 17-month close encounters with the spiritual being who claimed she lived from 1820 to 1889, and gave the name Amy Kitchener, Jackie Dashiell, editor, and staff writer, Wanda Sue Parrott, would doubtless have lost both their credentials and their responsible positions as award winning investigative reporters with one of California's leading daily newspapers. Wanda Sue Parrott promised to publish the book at her former editor's deathbed request in 1991, following which she did extensive genealogical research to turn up evidence that such a family as Amy's existed when and where she claimed they lived in Iowa. Amy's return appearance, which coincided with the book's release by publisher Galde Press in 2001, kicked off the Angels Without Wings movement.

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