Best American Senior Poets

The following names depict poets whose poems, judged best by the judges,
passed the preliminary rounds of judging in the 12th Annual
for American poets age 50 and older,
but did not make the final cuts. Each received an Honor Scroll certificate.

John W. ALBRITTON W. Palm Beach, FL. "Patriot"
Evelyn Corry APPELBEE Henderson, TX. "All That Amazing Grace"
Charlene M. ASHENDORF Costa Mesa, CA. "White Whispers"
Bernie BERNSTEIN Niles, IL. "The Rose of Sharon"
Mary BEVING-MORNING San Diego, CA. "Waking Up!"
Libby Stutz BISHOP San Antonio, TX. "Contemplating"
Roberta Pipes BOWMAN Haltom City, TX. "Putting up a Fence"
Najwa Salam BRAX Flushing, NY. "Ballet of the Butterfly"
Beatrice BREWER Beulah, MI. "The Cobbler"
Owen CATHEY Ann Arbor, MI. "A Mallard Duck Arrived to Her Nest"
Ruth CLEGHORN Foreman, AR. "When Glory Cried"
Carrillee COLLINS-BURKE Sarasota, FL. "Stranger in My House"
Lilah CONTINE St. Charles, MO. "More so this Mother"
Don DePRIEST Springfield, MO. "Mem'ries of Mom"
Nancy L. DUVALL Tijuana, MEXICO "Little Butterfly"
Ross EBRITE Nixa, MO. "The Surgeon General's Warning"
Leslie G. ENLOE Independence, MO. "Tall Sea Grass"
Genya EHRLICH San Francisco, CA. "The Professional"
Kathleen GILBERT Springfield, MA. "Blue"
Mary DiMaggio GIACINTO La Mesa, CA. "Man Made Treasure"
Alice King GREENWOOD Odessa, TX. "Rendezvous"
Peggy C. HALL Miami, FL. "A Tribute to Charlotte D'Amboise in Broadway's Contact"
Jane K. HAMILTON El Cajon, CA. "Therapy Forsaken"
Donald G. HARMANDE Clifton Park, NY. "I Once Knew a Child"
Erna HENNESSY San Francisco, CA. "The Coal Miner's Lament"
Marilyn HOCHHEISER Simi Valley, CA. "Consider the Daisies of the Field"
Albert Ray HORRELL St. Charles, MO. "Nocturnal Episode"
Verna Ray HUMPHREY Palestine, TX. "Salute to the Feed Sack"
Sam KERNELL Cordova, TN. "...I wonder if... (untitled);
Joy Rainey KING Herrin, IL. "Fourth of July"
Charlotte Manning KNESEK Corpus Christi, TX. "Boots"
Bee Neeley KUCKELMAN Columbia, MO. "Naughty Autumn"
Edalene Boswell KUNKEL Corpus Christi, TX. "Yosemite"
M.D. LeDOUX Sacramento, CA. "Journey"
Ann LEVISON Harvard, MA. "Leda and the Swan"
Kathleen LINDEN Garfield, AR. "Your Mother's Hands"
Eleanor LITTLE San Diego, CA. "Yourself"
Pamela A. MacBEAN Dalton, NH. "Amethyst Dusk"
Katherine Laningham MILLER Corpus Christi, TX. "Death By Chocolate"
Mary MULLIN Reading, MA. "I Know My Son"
Joan NIEHOFF, Quincy, IL. "The One in the Middle"
Yvonne NUNN Hermleigh, TX. "The Eerie Dusk"
Angie OSBORN San Diego, CA."Today I saw a Tall..."
Claire OTTENSTEIN-ROSS Pinehurst, TX. "A Man of Few Words"
Suzanne PALMA Ft. Bragg, CA. "Forever True"
Marion PATTON Jamul, CA. "Judy's Ants"
Viola PAWKETT Corpus Christi, TX. "Chocolate"
Robert P. PRICE Gig Harbor, WA. "Listen Children"
Edwin S. RICE Kansas City, MO. "Memories of Her"
Sheila B. ROARK Euless, TX. "Sunset Approaches"
Patricia ROBINSON-KING Rincon, GA."And She Shall Have Music"
Ruth SAVAGEArlington, TX. "Seashore Serendipity"
Elizabeth Lock SCARBOROUGH Hannibal, MO. "Dream Spinner"
Winifred SCHRAMM Pasadena, TX. "The Student Who Taught Me"
Pearl S. SELINSKY Sacramento, CA. "The Hedge"
Jeanne Osborne SHAW Decatur, GA. "The Organist"
Cecil SIMPSON San Diego, CA. "A Fence"
Drene SINGER Torrance, CA. "Amor Fati"
Earle E. SMITH Searcy. AR. "Two Views"
Alfred A. SPREY Santee, CA. "Frederick County Autumn"
Dorothy WALL Oceanside, CA. "The Other Side of Optimism"
Hope WARRINER San Diego, CA. "The Ballad of Michael K." (Amy's Choice Award)
Michael A. WELLS Independence, MO. "Channeling Sylvia"
Patricia WILSON Rockaway Beach, MO. "Moments of Air"
Faye Boyette WISE Benton, AR. "And The Next Day God Created the Delta"
Cherise WYNEKEN Albany, CA. "Acclimatized"

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