The City of Springfield, Greene County, Missouri was named recipient of the 1st Weeping Waters Conservation Award for its acquisition of The Place of Weeping Waters. The land will be reclaimed through one of the city's public works improvement projects. Subsequently, the Weeping Waters Ecology Award, a complementary “green” supplement to the city's conservation honor, went to poet Wanda Sue Parrott (also known as Prairie Flower) and webmaster/photographer A. L. Baker on February 12, 2009 for their public-service presentation “FLOODVILLE, U.S.A.”

The creative public service alert introduces Springfield, Mo. as role model for any urban, suburban or rural community where exposure to slime, sludge, mold and other water-related problems exist.

According to Wanda Sue Parrott, who inherited her parents' flood-prone property known as The Place of Weeping Waters, "My experiences revealed a flood often came and went in just one hour, but it took a year to recover from the physical mess left behind. The effects of exposure to annual stormwater/sewage deluges left me looking more like the Washita Witch than my native American persona of Prairie Flower, and the effects of repeated exposure to toxic molds will probably last the rest of my life."

She is an advocate of mandatory full disclosure by the real estate industry and others who promote and sell real property, and she lauds municipal bodies and government agencies like the City of Springfield that take positive action to condemn, purchase and/or otherwise reclaim blighted land through conservation-oriented projects which benefit both public and private sectors.

Sponsor of this public-service scroll, designed to alert potential property buyers to inquire about flooding before signing contracts to purchase land or real estate, is Henry N. Goldman, 2007 Senior Poet Laureate of Georgia. His sponsorship covers posting “FLOODVILLE, U.S.A.” throughout 2009 on this website.

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