Agatha Lai


Against the wind, against the rain, I ride,
My feet, condensed, the elements abound.
I pedal on and on; left, right, left, right.
The morning light is dim, my sight is blurred.
On viewless wings, I bend, I brake, I glide.

I must be there; I will be there, today.
This way and that, I peer, I share my soul.
No one in sight, some cars speed past, splash me,
and far and near, the greed of rain invades.
I will; on viewless wings, I'll beat it all.

Out of confused raindrops and broken chants
of bruised bamboos and plants, appears a fool,
still riding, body bent to reach a goal.
Wind lyrics chill, the needless baths benumb.
On viewless wings, I fly to reach my goal.

Still beats the rider's heart, still trapped within.
The promise, kept in chart, awaits to fill.
Yes, hired cabs will take me, why clanking wheels?
Why brave the throbbing winds and wake the street?
My wings collapse, yet, for me, no retreat.

At last I come, clad in the grace of rain,
the flight of hours adds a glow to my face.
I come, the song is gone, but my heart sings.
My nomad feet are still, I long to rest.
On viewless wings, I've taken my life's test.

Agatha Lai
Kudat, Sabah, Malaysia
AGATHA LAI, 64, Kudat, Sabah, Malaysia, a retired teacher, is active in international online poetry forums, Meeting the Muse Section of Amy Kitchener's Angels Without Wings Foundation, and as an international "Diploet" (diplomatic poet/goodwill ambassador). Her sign is Gemini.