2009 Amy Kitchener's Scribe's Scroll


When my todays become yesterday
and all my tomorrows are few,
with no more dragons left to slay

and no more goals left in my view;
as even my dreams grind to dust
give me the strength to start anew.

For I will not let my soul rust
with only the old songs to sing
and only the old ways to trust.

Help me to reach, instead of cling
to memories faded and torn;
show me the joy each day will bring

to smell the rose, not fear each thorn;
not fear the night but greet each morn.

Madelyn Eastlund
Beverly Hills Florida
Madelyn "Lyn" Eastlund, 81, popular literary figure and legendary bard in her own lifetime, is a native of Brooklyn who settled in Beverly Hills, Florida nearly 30 years ago after living in the San Fernando Valley, Calif. She is a retired poetry and creative writing instructor, as well as freelance writer, journalist, and community press editor. She is publisher/editor of Poets Forum Magazine and Harp-Strings Poetry Journal. Lyn was president of Florida State Poets Assn. from 1984-1988, and she recently retired as president of National Federation of State Poetry Societies (NFSPS) and editor of its quarterly newsletter Strophes. She loves poetry, but also is fond of cozy little mystery novels. The Scribe's Scroll, presented for Take Away The Rocking Chair (terza rima first published in 1983), is a surprise honor directed by Amy Kitchener. It is symbolically the non-traditional academic equivalent of an Honorary Master's Degree in Literary Fine Arts.