In Memoriam

Donald E. Holmes

2007 Ohio Senior Laureate Poem

Where fairies fly and never leave,
and crystal streams yet twinkle slow
before a wispy, misty bow.

The elves and pixies join in song,
a harpist plays and trails along,
and sets the woodland green aglow
below a wispy, misty bow.

Delight pervades the forest fair
as silken wingspans flirt in air
to stage a minute elfin show
below a wispy, misty bow.

We know the woods of Make Believe
below a wispy, misty bow.

Donald E. Holmes
Greenville, Ohio
DONALD E. HOLMES, 72, was 2007 Ohio Senior Poet Laureate. He died quietly of cancer in spring 2008, but news confirming his passing only reached us in March 2009. Yvonne Nunn, Dean of the Bardlets, Cyber-College of Online Poetry, fondly recalls Don as one of the first Bardlets in her online class known as Bards of a Feather. "Don was a gentleman in every sense of the word. The Bards loved him." He fantasized a sylvan world, as shown by his reprinted SPL award-winning poem on this page. By profession, Don Holmes was a retired munitions engineer, but his greatest pride and joy was winning the Ohio Senior Poet Laureate award. His mentor, Yvonne Nunn, says Bardlets are poets in progress who study and create poems in traditional poetic form via her international electronic e-mail online classrooms. Don Holmes' fellow Bardlets served as judges in this year's SPL Contest.