Ruth Hill


Frozen fish face
replaced my girlish looks
Giant jowls cowl collar
Eyeglasses for looks
Thin gray hair foggy stare
Wrinkles fat loose skin there
Dimples and beauty mark gone
Blue veins dry skin stark on
Bag sag no more belly button
Pedicure useless claws like mutton
Posture lost to gravity
Smiling cheeks not what I see
Search mirror for the former me
Eyes, eyes, eyes, oh, how you've changed!
Joyful shining eyes of a young girl lost
A life of history rearranged
Once joy young mother gone to another
Now heart break and hurt is all I see

People who see ghosts see what they used to be
Use my young form, Lord
when I come back to haunt them

Ruth Hill
Chetwynd, BC, Canada
RUTH HILL, 59, Chetwynd, B.C.,Certified Design Engineer, was born and raised in Ilion, New York, a town famous for its emphasis on education. Upstate New York infused Ruth with love for art, music, literature, inspiring scenery, wildlife and four strong seasons. She now lives and writes in Northern British Columbia. Ruth's writings include the Georgia Poetry Society Langston Hughes Award. Her sign is Aquarius.