Amy Kitchener's

Amy Kitchener, America's most-patriotic literary ghost, is symbolic president of the sponsor of the annual Senior Poets Laureate competitions for American poets age 50 and older. Amy occasionally picks an outstanding poem for recognition if it exemplifies an aspect of American-style governance that makes democracy shine for better or for worse.

This 2009 Americana Award is presented through the foundation's director, Wanda Sue Parrott, who serves as Amy's fac totem, to webmaster Albert L. Baker, 73, for his response to elder Americans who fear losing Social Security and other government-backed entitlements. In his free verse, Al speaks as resident manager of public-housing apartments for low-income senior Americans, many of whom are disabled or have other infirmities. The wry humor of this poem, mixed with the ironic truth that losers can be winners, illustrates why the poor and disenfranchised of all ages, and from countries all around the world, want to--and do--come here.


Cheer up.
We are not going to lose our place in society.
Don't worry.
They can't take away from you what you don't have.
we are too old to work in the salt mines.
We will
always be in last place.

Albert L. Baker, Webmaster
Springfield, Missouri