Elaine P. Morgan


I learned to dance on top
of your shoelaces.
You told me your knees
were the guide,
but I always tried to lead.
Now you swing with Harry,
James and Helen, laughing
at the resurrection,
while I miss our connection-
the music, the teacher,
the lessons.

I want to tell you,
Dad, I'm getting scared,
dancing in your shoe prints,
when I thought I was making
my own.

I hear you saying,
Romans don't get scared.
Life never killed a good Roman.
We're immortal you know.
And forget about your mother.
She's Irish.

Your laugh, your wink,
and then your wake,
years before I had to go
to mother's.
Did your Roman knees
betray you?
Or were you always
telling me

Elaine P. Morgan
Warrenton, Virginia
ELAINE P, MORGAN, 67, Warrenton, Virginia, originally from New York, is a retired paralegal and State and Federal Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator. Her pets include at least "five cats and one hound dog." She repeats prior wins as Virginia SPL in 2005 and 2007. Her sign of the zodiac is Gemini.