Dr. Charles A. Stone


There are men who prefer chile pequin women,
red-hot mommas whose kisses set their lips on fire
and burn all the way down; audacious women,
slim of waist and broad of hip, with spangly red
earrings - fingers and toes painted to match.

I prefer someone more subtle, in a gown of.
silvery-green foliage with white-tufted buds,
whose delicate fragrance drives bees wild;
a woman whose earthy flavors are released
on the stove or when dried and tossed in a salad.

She'll be there, my marjoram woman,
in my garden or somewhere in the kitchen,
waiting for the caress of my fingers,
knowing that when her lips brush mine
I will be driven to ravenous distraction.

Dr. Charles A. Stone
Austin, Texas
DR. CHARLES A. STONE, 67, Austin, is a retired medical geneticist whose prolific pen has placed him in this year's Golden Circle of winners. He is the father of two children and grandfather of six. His hobbies include archaeology, gardening, cooking, travel and poetry. His astrological sign is Cancer.