Carmine Talarico


     I am the lighthouse that dwells
Within your tall and stalwart frame;
I am the one who keeps you from approaching fast,
The obscure shoals of bold deceit,
That lure you to your own demise;
I am the always present dawn
That helps to turn aside the headlong rush
Into the maelstrom of indecision;
     Whether in the day or in the night,
1 am the eyes that light the road you take.
And when you close the day upon yourself,
I hold the lamp that wakes you up again
To meet anew the pitfalls in your way;
     Or if against your will a path may lead
lnto uncharted seas of desolation,
I am tue beacon light who rights the course,
I am the one
Who helps the captain steer his ship.
And when the battles of the day are won,
I am the watch dog that seeks no praise;
Or if you are at all rebuffed,
You will not hear me whine;
     I am entrusted by a higher force,
To oversee your presence on this soil,
Until the hour which finally dims,
The temporary image you etched in life.
     From the loft you call your mind I work,
Not knowing how you will embrace,
The ego that in time you will become;
But what you are or decide to be,
I have no power to force a change;
I may point the light within my scope
From out the recess wherein I dwell,
To help secure your step along the way,
If still you seek, but not against your will.
     For in that hollow of your mind,
You also are allowed to vacillate,
Between what you believe is right or wrong,
And choose the the final path your self creates.
     This is the freedom that is decreed,
By which you learn, so progress can be made;
Illumined by the power of the mind,
With broader light to bare the distant shores
And help avoid the shallow waters of despair,
Mapped out by what has gone before.

Carmine Talarico
Cincinnati, Ohio


CARMINE TALARICO, 93, Cincinnati, is a retired postal worker whose beautiful poems have earned him awards both years he has entered the Senior Poets Laureate competition, 2008 and 2009. He is the eldest poet to win an award in this year's SPL competition. His astrological sun sign is Capricorn.