Patricia Stansfield Tarbox


This road, sun-drawn in stark October light
became a panoply of green,
as often interlaced with white fence,
sunlight, intermittent breeze,
as with cool walls of stone
and grass, pale green, soft mown,
lying hushed beneath a litany of leaves.

Here and there a horse paused,
slowly lifting head and mane
to check my passing care,
and each seemed unpossessed
of any memories
of fly-swarmed summer air
or seared frenetic heat.
But one horse caught my gaze
and held it there
like some unnerved policeman on his beat.

Like being recognized for harboring love
or fear you've been afraid to show,
he kept me,
and my breath caught
as it does sometimes in churches
when the songs swell toward grace,
there, in the open place,
beneath a trinity of birches.
Patricia Stansfield Tarbox
Wolfeboro, New Hampshire
PATRICIA STANSFIELD TARBOX, 60, retired high school English teacher, considers herself “still a work in progress both in my poetry and in my life.” She is a 4-time nominee for Who's Who Among America's Teachers. She makes her debut appearance in GOLDEN WORDS this year. Her sun sign is Capricorn.