Sylvia Ruth Sampson-Haney


Evidence of his elusive presence
by the absence of daily feedings
proves only of his possible comings.

Lone spirit--once-abandoned Maine Coon,
Big Tom, as she referred to her aloof
ten-year charge--her last furry friend.

Only her hand could touch him,
only her voice would fetch him,
only her concern had watched for him.

Her legacy left to us: to call, to care, to feed,
but with no assurance of visual sightings.
At last a slight sound? Was that? Could it be?

The muffled "me-orw" grew louder,
more frequent, more worried, frantic, faster,
repeating, as if to ask, "Where have you been?"

He stopped short, no familiar smell or sound.
He ate, he left, no lingering in human repast.
Another day they'll be, surely, soulfully reunited.

Sylvia Ruth Sampson-Haney
Stockbridge, Georgia
SYLVIA RUTH SAMPSON-HANEY, 55, Stockbridge, Georgia, women's health case manager, is the daughter of 2004 National Senior Poet Laureate, Barbara Ruth Sampson. She is an animal advocate, an artist, and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from Georgia State University. Her sign is Cancer.