Harding Stedler


Yours is a voice of the past,
waiting online in darkness
to reconnect. Too many years
and too many miles have passed
since we made music together
in poetic lines we stumbled on
in search of the Eureka goose.

We need to pursue that goose again
and create a patchwork quilt of lines
that will rivet through the Ozarks
like a symphony. We need to charm
the dogwoods into their starkest white
against the backdrop of barren hills.

I want to hear your new songs
and feel their rhythms on the wind.
I want to create with you fresh melodies
that will live along the rock-strewn trails
and sing to those who pass.

I want to walk with you along those trails
and feel your rhythms in my soul,
ones that I can carry home
to sustain me through the darkest hours
when we are too many miles apart
and must sing alone.

Harding Stedler
Maumelle, Arkansas
HARDING STEDLER, 70, Maumelle, is another poet from Arkansas whose mythical mystique mystifies those who are aware of, and awed by, his musings. He is a volunteer at the Maumelle Arts Council and has published seven books of original poetry. Harding's astrological sign is Cancer.