Valerie Esker


Just yesterday, my dooryard tree seemed dead.
Her gnarled limbs were skeletal and bare.
Chilled winter sky was backdrop gray as lead
and reasons to feel sad were everywhere.
When I was green, I planted that poor tree.
Her supple arms were strong, though slight and small.
Her yearly growth marked milestones for me;
shared summer storms gave way to vibrant fall.
My daughter's child then gathered scarlet leaves.
She squealed each time she spied a brighter hue.
I marvel at the wonders God's hand weaves --
this child, this tree, sun's daily rising, too.
    Today that warmth, which touched each failing thing,
    announced to tree and me, "It's spring.  It's spring!"

Valerie Esker
Beverly Hills, Florida
VALERIE ESKER, 71, Beverly Hills, a retired Licensed Practical Nurse, has had a lifelong love affair with poetry. She was named Class Poet of her high school graduating class. Her hobbies are entering poetry contests and attending Sunshine Poets of Crystal River, Florida. Her astrological sign is Libra.