Carolynn J. Brown


Youth a budding time - that filled my mind with rosy dreams.
Every day would blossom into a new adventure.
Life seemed to be an endless sun.
What happened to those early days?
Then I was content to sit in the rain.
I would smile at a passing bumble bee.

When did I lose the spring mornings of my life?
Oh! I long for the days gone by that nectar of youth.
It made me too drunk to see life's problems.
I was too young to know that the blossom of age wilts the flower.

Yes! That was my thought in the autumn of the years.
When one endures trails and is watered by tears.
Now I sit and rest in my arrangement of life.
I am a proud mother, grand mom and wife.

This flower may be dry - the stem bent a bit.
But the seasons of wisdom are planted on my lips.

Carolynn J. Brown
Charles Town, West Virginia
CAROLYNN J. BROWN, 62, Charles Town, has been writing poetry since childhood. She enjoys cooking exotic food, going to the shore and riding her boogie board. She has two daughters and four grandchildren. This is her debut as a GOLDEN WORDS senior laureate poet. Her sign is Aquarius.