Don Shook


She sat one row down and
Six seats to my left.
I glanced at her frequently
With fervent adoration and
A constant, burning passion.
She seldom looked my way.
Once however, while staring
At her and not the director,
I sang upon a rest; which I'm
Told beats resting on a sing.
All others in the choir
Took note of my chagrin
And then went back to Bach.
However she, with flashing
Eyes, unleashed a knowing
Smile which pierced my heart
And hurled me toward
My deepest expectations.
Our tenor section rose that day
Beyond the staff of Heaven;
And I, sixteen, heard angels sing
Before her husband's sermon.

Don Shook
Fort Worth, Texas
DON SHOOK, 69, Fort Worth, is a newcomer to Senior Poets Laureate this year. Besides being a creative poet, he is professionally creative in the entertainment industry, producing videos, films and live theater. We welcome him to our Golden Circle of muse-inspired mortals. His sign is Sagittarius.