Jane Logan


Sad solo trumpet playing sad goodbye
Surrounds his parents standing graveside there.
The father's angry voice claims life's unfair.
The mother's anguished cry keeps asking why.
They say he was a peaceful boy and shy,
Whose smile was unrestrained no matter where
He was. In war, when asked to do his share
He fought. This boy who would not swat a fly.
No parent plans to live beyond the son.
They love and raise. Their hearts won't be the same
Once they accept the fact his death is true.
Denial might have stayed until it won
But solo trumpet playing Taps became
The last goodbye and suddenly they knew.

Jane Logan
Sparks, Nevada
JANE LOGAN, 79, Sparks, was the National Senior Poet Laureate award winner in 2007. She is a retired nurse who specializes in sonnets, some of which reveal secrets like the one that won the 2007 SPL award about the identity of Mona Lisa. Curious? Click here to read it. Jane's sign is Taurus.