Judy Davies


An intricate pen and ink drawing hangs in our entrance hall
It defines our home as welcoming to artists one and all.
The canvas is always ready, the mission always clear,
An atmosphere for creativity is allowed to flourish here.

Precision and patience work magic in clay and stone,
Potters fashion their clay; sculptors chip away the unknown.
The artist is poised with his brush in hand,
"Bring the canvas to life" is his internal command.

The composer refines sound using ear and electronics,
Stringing together pitch sets, notes and harmonics.
Sensitive creativity and originality he must release
Providing the framework for each masterpiece.

Dancers develop poise in body with purposefulness
From plié to pointe, the embodiment of gracefulness.
Dancing with abandon, each perfonnance flawless,
Speaking through motion, the epitome of artfulness.

Through prose and poetry the writer's feelings are heard,
As he hones his craft of the written word.
Drawing in his reader, giving voice through technique,
With spirit and soul his art form must speak.

Whether captured in clay, on canvas or in stone,
Via music, dance or simply words alone,
The creative process brings new life to our health
When we hunger for culture, not just monetary wealth.

Each form of artistry plays a critical part,
Each displays vision through its own brand of art.
Absence of the arts points us down a black hole,
The essence of art is it enriches the soul.

Judy Davies
Gautier, Mississippi
JUDY DAVIES, 66, Gautier, is a part-time medical transcriptionist and part-time writer who has played the French horn for 60 years. She also manages her composer husband's music publishing business. Judy and husband Ken have three daughters, one son and seven grandchildren. She is a Leo.