Sallie A. Hinds


I see the moon's reflection
Shimmering on the lake,
I hear the gentle breezes blow
And the whispering sounds they make.
I see the diamond starlight
In the satin Summer sky,
And hear the beat of many wings
Of night birds, as they fly.
I feel your presence close to me
Almost feel your loving touch...
These things I see and hear and feel
Are things I miss so much!
For time has wings, and in its flight
Steals the me nobody sees
It leaves me here...alone and sad...
With a grab-bag of memories!

Sallie A. Hinds
AuGres, Michigan
SALLIE A. HINDS, 79, AuGres, serves on the Zoning Board of Appeals in Sims Township. She has published six small volumes of poetry. She loves the quiet, wooded, inspiring surroundings of the Huron Breeze Golf Course, whose birds and beauty keep her pen busy sketching and writing. She is Gemini.