Helen Bar-Lev


Tonight a star
one star
a diamond
above the lamppost,
over the mountains,
in a sky navy blue
and darkening,
pale orange streaks
riding the horizon
over mountain
into heaven

I speak to this star
Venus you must be
only Venus has the impudence
to shine like a diamond
to compete with street lamps
to be seen unashamed
fraternizing with a still-blue sky
even before Mr.Moon
has made his debut

Coy little love-star
I make a wish,
believing as I do
with the faith of the foolish
that it will come true,
for the gift of health
a dash of love
a tomorrow of peace
you cannot deny me

Gullible alien
to this earth am I
move over
let me join you--

Just as soon as I finish
hanging the wash

Helen Bar-Lev
Metulla, Israel
HELEN BAR-LEV, 67, was born in New York and has lived in Israel 38 years. She has devoted herself to art since 1976: painting, teaching and writing poetry. She had her own gallery in the Upper Galilee before moving to Metulla where she and life partner, poet Johnmichael Simon, produce poetry contests, books and internationally acclaimed Cyclamens & Swords publications. She is an Aries.