Carmine Lombardo


A baby girl with reddish hair
Stopped crying hard and loud -
Held in the arms of her loving mom,
Her dad stood mighty proud.
The years rolled by - how fast she grew -
A precious family prize -
Perfect till the day she had
A problem with her eyes.

The doctors tried but all in vain
To help the child to see,
And when the parents heard the news,
Their tears flowed endlessly.
Confined, confused and wondering why,
She groped to find her way,
Till darkness fell upon her world
And took her light away.

Learning to accept the change
Was brutal and unfair-
Her parents, how they bore the pain,
Yet gave their best of care.
Then someone of compassion came
Seeking out the child -
A teacher with a noble heart -
Tender, kind and mild.

Said she studied with a man
Whose method proved to find
There was a way that light again
Could shine for the blind.
A special school she did attend,
And there her mind explored
Knowledge filled with hopeful dreams
Once held behind closed doors.

Wise but gentle, humble grace,
With prominence she grew.
The child became a model of
The one who taught her too.
No matter what the circumstance-
No matter what the fight-
Somewhere there's a lamp of love
To light the darkest night.

Carmine Lombardo
Cape Coral, Florida
78, Cape Coral, former language arts teacher, received his B.A. And M.A. Degrees from Seton Hall University, but the world became classroom and stage. The poet, author, librettist, lyricist spent 13 years in Nashville. A zodiac “twin” he lives the true double life of Gemini.