Robert E. Gallamore


Hours of boredom, seconds of terror. i
Lives of quiet desperation. ii Fifteen minutes of fame. iii
Happiness is a narrow path between ways too Cynical or Na´ve.
Happiness is no laughing matter. iv
I can stand the pain but not the shame.

You cannot drive straight on a twisting lane. v
You cannot step twice into the same river. vi
To clean the stream, get the hog out of the spring.vii
Better to discover a single causal connection, than win the throne of Persia. viii
Unplanned growth is a jungle; unfilled plans a treeless plain.

Yogi said more than he knew, or knew more than he said.
Else explain: "You can observe a lot just by watching."
Or, "No one goes there anymore, it's too crowded."
Niels Bohr saved himself, I've not forgot,
Endeavoring never to write more clearly than he thought. ix

The secret of business is to know something nobody else knows
           - or can quickly learn.
Anything is worth precisely what it can do for you
           - not its price or what you have to earn.
Business objectives cross functional bounds
           - but only departments get budgets.
The same for transportation; only modes get subsidy.
Forecasts error wildly, and unintended consequences even more.
Or as was told, "The future is not what it used to be."x

Doctor Holmes said the young man knows the rules
           and the old man knows the exceptions. xi
But to this there is none, "Praise day at night and life at the end." xii
"And Isaiah said it best: "How beautiful upon the mountain
Are the steps of those who walk in peace." xiii

Robert E. Gallamore
Rehoboth Beach, Delaware


i Attributed to Walter Dean Myers in this form
ii Henry David Thoreau (part of his famous quote)
iii Andy Warhol
iv Richard Whateley, via John W. Gardner and Francesca Gardner Reese (W.W. Norton, 1975)
v Russian proverb, via Gardner & Reese
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x Paul Valèry, via Gardner & Reese
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xii George Herbert, via Gardner & Reese
xiii Tom Paxton lyric, 2009


68, Rehoboth Beach is a retired transportation consultant and professor. He is well read and has a gift for turning snippets of others' writings into recombinant literary DNA strands fully accredited in his endnotes. His winning poem is proof! His star title is Professor Virgo.