Q.-44. Do you have a closing statement that summarizes your opinion about your experience as a victim of flooding for nearly eighteen years in the City of Springfield, Missouri?

A.-44 When I was not wearing the boondoggler's hat, I sometimes wore my poet's hat, and that's the one I wish to close with by use of poetic license through metaphor and imagery. Imagine::

I was a tiny minnow in a small pool.
The city is a medium-sized bass in a pond
The state is a large catfish in a large lake.
The federal government is a whale in an ocean.

Q.-45. What are metaphor and imagery?

A.-45. A metaphor is something that stands for something else, as an illustration of a point or principle. Imagery is usually a picture that illustrates the metaphor, one a person can see in his or her own mind's eye and often remember.

Q.-46. The fish is a religious symbol of Christianity. Why did you use fish as metaphors?

A.-46. No religious symbolism was intended. Use your imagination to follow my imagery, which includes all neighbors in the SASS area. Suddenly we are all caught in nets of circumstance that thrust us together in a holding tank like the aquarium at Wonders of Wildlife Museum. But in this tank, there are no human animal keepers who feed us, so we fend for ourselves or perish. Here is what probably would happen:

The bass would eat the minnow.
The catfish would digest the bass.
The whale would devour the catfish.

Since good poets know better than to mix metaphors, I am substituting the earlier metaphor about the city "covering its own tracks" with the more-appropriate fish metaphor, since the Bass Pro logo might easily be mistaken for the City of Springfield's logo--by those who don't know the difference between good poetry and bad.

If you were the bass, with two bigger fish on your tail, what would you do? You would swim for your life, which is what I believe the city did, is doing, and will continue to do, and it's what I hope you do, too.

Q.-47. How can SASS swim for its life?

A.-47. Answering this question: Do YOU want to be eaten alive? If YES, do nothing and expect nothing. You know what happens to minnows. If NO, do something now..

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