Please read this Report. Make it easy on yourself by skimming through and looking at the illustrations in the Conclusion (Appendix) at the back of the book first. Then, start at the beginning and read my comments, which are in everyday, personal language.

Once you know what the Report is about, go back and match my comments to the citations and case histories, which will be much easier to understand once you know why I included them in excerpt form.

If any or all of the material in this Report reminds you of experiences you have had with stormwater sewage problems--known officially as Infiltration/Inflow (I/I)--get a lawyer--because you may be in for bigger I/I problems now that the problems with the neighborhood sewer system have supposely been fixed! You will find out how rehabilitated the system really is when the weather conditions or other circumstances--such as system breakdowns--occur, probably in much wetter weather than we had during the droughtlike past year.

I suggest you find a lawyer now, if you don't already have one, because the final conclusion I garnered from my 18-year experience as a victim of I/I is this:

Any municipality that denies its liability in matters like ours--in legal records of cases brought by state and federal authorities--is certainly not going to admit its culpability to individual private persons known metaphorically as little old John Q. Public and Jane Q. Public.

The middle initial "Q" is metaphorical. It stands for "Questions."

I hope the 50 questions in this Report answer some of yours.

Wanda Sue Parrott,
Springfield Zone 4 I/I Victim 1988--2006

Copyright 2006 by Wanda Sue Parrott
203 E.Washita Street
Springfield, Missouri 65807