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  The insert (left) shows Wanda Sue Parrott shooting photos of sewage-laced stormwater during one of the annual floods that inundated her area while she was neighborhood watch representative for Springfieldians Against Stormwater/Sewage (SASS).Wanda Sue Parrott recovering in St. John's Medical Center, Springfield, Mo. after third excision of tumors from her sinus cavities. She suffered both forms of fungal affliction: non-invasive (allergies, bronchitis) & invasive (tumors, polyps). This morning-after photo was taken by Albert L. Baker on July 15, 2004.   The insert (right) is a self-portrait made by Wanda Sue Parrott July 18, 2004.  after excision of her third viral tumor by Dr. A. Daniel Pinheiro at St. John's Medical Center, Springfield, Mo. Located at the root of the nose in the ethmoid area, the benign-but-deadly papilloma-virus growth threatened blindness and brain damage.
Although medical experts would not commit to stating exposure to mold caused Wanda Sue Parrott's tumors, asthma, bronchitis, fatigue and other illnesses, blood tests ordered by Dr. Pinheiro, who succeeded Dr. Bharat Shah as her surgeon,  confirmed she is allergic to feces of mites that lived on mold inside her house. More information about the deleterious effects of mold and fungi appear on these links which are included in the hope this Report helps save lives.

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