Silver Laureate


This modest moonstone set in marcasite
Among her belongings, beckons as that first night
I looked into its pearly blue depths on her hand.
Its glinting took my thoughts into a land
Where all about me a shadowy luster shone --
It was as if the cloudy loveliness of light
Softly, softly spoke of things unknown.

Deep down the dark shining ways I came
To follow in glossy steps no two the same,
To listen as those gently whispered words
Brushed past me like the secret wing of birds,
And path of every somber gleam explore,
Leading me closer to the final flame,
The ultimate blue cavern of its core.

Ida Fasel       
Denver, Colorado    

Ida Fasel, 97, professor emerita of English from the University of Colorado, was born in New England on May 9, 1909 and is retired in Denver. A fulltime writer, mostly of poetry, Ida has won many literary awards. Boston University, from which she has degrees, has honored her as a Distinguished Alumni. She earned her Ph.D. from University of Denver. Her latest book "We Were Not Falling but Rising" (Small Poetry Press) is featured in the Books Section of our website as 2006 Book of the Year. Former President George Bush sent a letter to Ida which she shares here: "... Your poems are an inspiring response to the tragic events of September 11 and show your deep love for our country." As to her Silver Laureate Poem "Moonstone," Ida says: "It reminds me not only of my mother but also of the whole mystery of life which has absorbed me since I was small and still continues to, with deeper understanding, in my advanced years."