This online edition of the original 2006 report by Wanda Sue Parrott is presented as a public service. It is an exact duplicate of the original version dated February 25, 2006. It has been put online to enable interested persons access to this privately published volume which is not for sale.

It was prepared and paid for in 2006 by Wanda Sue Parrott for the Springfieldians Against Stormwater/Sewage (SASS) coalition of homeowners and tenants in the floodprone section of the Sunshine-Holland Neighborhood (now known as Seminole-Holland Neighborhood Association in Springfield, Missouri); she represented the neighborhood watch organization in the SASS area in 1989 and again in 2004-2005. The proposed 5-story hotel development by Bass Pro, as announced in the media in June and July 2009, is in the SASS neighborhood, where annual flooding resulted in the city's purchase of Wanda Sue Parrott's property in February 2009. She now lives in California.

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A. Irving Rosenberg
Union, New Jersey

ISBN 0-9774781-2-2
ISBN13 978-0-9774781-2-5

Wanda Sue Parrott and Albert L. Baker are both victims of flooding in Springfield, Missouri. For further details, and to see their public service poetic photo essay FLOODVILLE, U.S.A, please visit the WEEPING WATERS Section of this website by clicking here: To read FUNGUS AMUNGUS, click here:


The text of FUNGUS AMUNGUS as published here (with partial exhibits) is presented to help anyone interested in the actual or potential outcome of Bass Pro's Request for a Zoning Change. It contains facts related to the widespread Infiltration/Inflow problems that have long plagued the affected area, problems Wanda Sue Parrott believes will extend beyond the proposed hotel site to encompass, through exacerbation of flooding/sewage problems, the route served by the common sanitary sewer line connecting residents between S. Campbell Ave. and Roanoke Ave.


Did city council read this report, or consider what residents had to say when it voted 6-to-2 in favor of Bass Pro's requested zoning change on October 12, 2009? Wanda Sue Parrott does not attempt to answer for council, but she does predict a future epidemic and/or deaths caused by enforced exposure to contamination as a side-effect of the Bass Pro development which could and most likely will happen. Therefore, this FUNGUS AMUNGUS Report is her final Neighborhood Watch Alert. It was written by a survivor who fled with her life and can now be contacted at:

Post Office Box 103
Monterey, CA 93942-0103