ALABAMA Betty Chestnutt "Pell Mell"
ARKANSAS (tie) Verna Lee Hinegardner "When Wild Canaries Come"
Diane Stefan "Phone Call"
CALIFORNIA (tie) Erna Hennessy "Time"
Genya S. Ehrlich "To My Yiddish Mama"
COLORADO Ida Fasel "Moonstone"
CONNECTICUT Carol Leavitt Altieri "A Dream of Saving the Hammonasset River"
FLORIDA Carrillee Collins-Burke "I Called Him Duke"
GEORGIA (tie) Jeanne Osborne Shaw "Abalone" and "The Shredder"
ILLINOIS Dorothy H. Bizer "For Crying Out Loud!"
IOWA Lila Borg Rohrer "calendar"
KENTUCKY Marcus E. Omer "The Clash of Two Cultures"
MASSACHUSETTS Dr. Marian Shapiro "Calling"
MICHIGAN Sallie A. Hinds "Dreaming"
MISSOURI Ken Roller "Of Wine, Cheese and Love"
(Judge's Awards Jerry-Mac Johnston "The Hereafter"
certificates only) Michael A. Wells "Night Wishes"
NEVADA Jane Logan "Echoes"
NEW HAMPSHIRE P.M. Underhill "That Moment"
NEW JERSEY Maureen Cannon "Which Tree?"
NEW MEXICO Barbara R. DuBois "Roses and Peppers"
NEW YORK Kimberlee Edgecomb "The Angels Came"
NORTH CAROLINA Lynn Veach Sadler "Milk"
OHIO Helen Webb “Mrs. Noah”
OKLAHOMA Dena R. Gorrell "Autumn Morning Praise"
OREGON Robert Hoeft "The Most Magnificent Fishing"
PENNSYLVANIA Jeffrey Jubelirer "I Think"
SOUTH CAROLINA Verna Puntigan "By Flickering Light"
TENNESSEE Claude Blackwood “Goodbye Dragonfly"
TEXAS Yvonne Nunn "Tales of Night"
UTAH (tie) Stewart C. Harvey "The Clone" and "Thoughts of You"
WASHINGTON Frieda Risvold "Aurora Borealis"
WYOMING Eugene V. Shea "The Helping Hand"
INTERNATIONAL-Malaysia Agatha Lai
(Missouri State Poetry Society)
“The Strut of Flowers”